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Saturday, January 22, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 1N
Where's the Snow?
Holabird Advocate Meteoroligist, Storm Chaser, will be subject to disciplinary action after his prediction of 50 MPH winds and 1-2 inches of snow. The panic that news like that could arouse is not even worth imagining. As it happens, none of that weather has happened in the Holabird area. The wind is barely blowing and the sun shines bright with a temperature of a very chilly 13 degrees. Of course it is better to prepare for a storm that doesn't come than to be caught in a storm that one wasn't prepared for. But what are we going to do with all the popcorn?
Brittany Hinkle: Holabird's Annie Oakley
The is a new contender for the title of "Miss Little Sure-Shot". That being Brittany Hinkle. Brit started participating in the beginners division of the BB gun shooters in Highmore. On her first try she got 5 shots on 5 targets, and made 5 "Bull eyes". Coach Larry Kerr was impressed by Brit's shooting prowess. She has to take a written gun safety test, an eye test, and a breathing test before she is allowed to compete in a competition. Can she do it? "No sweat" was Brit's reply. Great Job, Good Buddy.
Kennedys Have Breakfast Guests
Last night, Ken and Joyce pulled in to Green Valley, Arizona. The have arranged to spend an evening in the Walmart parking lot. George and Mavis Kennedy had planned to meet with them for breakfast at Denny's and catch up with them, as they were too tired to visit much last night.

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