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Monday, January 10, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 1F
Oysters and Ice Cream at Agnes Hahn's House
Nobody went to the oysters on New Years Day so Harry and Dianne Macek brought them to the home of Dianne's mother, Agnes Hahn. They also brought the fixings for homemade ice cream. The only wrinkle in that plan was that they forgot to bring the ice cream maker. After calling all over town to find one, they were able to secure Morrie and Deb Hoffman's ice cream maker. This was about the time that Jerry Hinkle came to visit his grandmother, not knowing what was in store. Harold and Mary Hinkle were at the Methodist Church's board meeting, and arrived while the ice cream was churning. Even though the machine was so loud that he couldn't here the television, Jerry fell asleep.
Harold Hinkle has been thinking about making snow ice cream. They have the snow up there at the Ponderosa, but no cream. Anybody that has cream lying around may want to get in touch. And not that store bought homogenized stuff either.
Wild Party for Cade Hinkle's Birthday
The McDonald's restaurant in Pierre was the scene for Cade Hinkle's third birthday. He had a few friends and a lot of relatives over. His two sisters, Jaimie and Askley Pothast were absent from the proceedings. Jaimie, who works there on a regular basis, was afraid that she may be called in to work in case there was a rush. Ashley was away with a friend annoying someone else for a change. Kaitlin Pothast spent most of her time telling dirty Jokes to Harold and Jerry Hinkle. Mary, Doug, Darrel, and Kristi Hinkle watched the kids on the Playland equipment. Noel Pothast kept the party moving. Brittany Hinkle helped serve the birthday cake. Justin Hinkle sang that song that is on the "Alias" promo on ABC.
Cade got a lot of nice stuff, none of which he was willing to share. One thing of particular interest was Cade's new motorcycle. Cade will be staying with his grandparents at the Ponderosa on Abraham Lincoln's birthday weekend.
Reality Bytes
by Ethan Aniston
Holabird Advocate
Entertainment Editor
Every once in a while, the Holabird Advocate likes to check into the reality Television genre to see what's doing. There are a few new shows and an old one that I thought needed coverage.
A new season of "The Bachelorette" premieres tonight on ABC. I could care less about it to tell the truth. New York Might love this Jen gal. To me, she's kinda ugly. No wonder the chick has to go on TV to find a husband. One imagines that the contestants vying for her and are a bunch of losers anyhow. Even Jerry Hinkle would rather watch "Raymond" than this crap.
"Super Nanny" is a new show that I have yet to see. It looks like it could be interesting, but for how long. Wife Swap was interesting, but after a while you realized that it was just like an Elvis Presley movie (they all had the same plot, forgive me fore saying so, boss). Her catch phrase appears to be, "You've been very very naughty". That may get old after awhile too. She carries an umbrella, bringing a shade of "Mary Popppins" into the mix. I'll have to watch a few episodes before I condemn it too much.
One reality show has breathed new life into NBC. Unfortunately, it is a CBS show. Everyone who followed "Survivor" now has a chance to see "Joey" thanks to "Wickedly Perfect". This is a show in search of the next Martha Stewart. I say, "No, thank you! I think I'll just wait until the real one gets out of the old Graybar Motel!"
CBS really did good getting Bill Long and his family to participate in a real life family drama called "The Will". As Hank Jr. Says, "This ain't Dallas, and this ain't Dynasty". Still, it is an interesting blend of all of the elements that made those shows watchable back in the 80s and what makes "Survivor" watchable now. I haven't seen any ratings for this show, but I can tell you that if they want to keep this show going they can't lose Bill's wife, Penny, too soon. She make Joan Collins look like Kitty Johnson. A certain amount of my personal sympathy goes to Bills two kids, Billy (Bill's son by birth) and Josh (Bill's adopted son). The part that has me scratching my head is what some of these folks would want with the "prize" of this show. To be the heir to Bills ranch, a mere 560 acres in Kansas. No matter. This is an interesting show and I'll be watching every Saturday night to see what happens next. I can hardly wait!

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