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Monday, February 24, 2003
VOL. II Issue 2L
Sunday was sure no day of rest for Mary Hinkle. After coming home on Saturday night, she stayed with he father-in -law, E.E. Hinkle and made him breakfast the next morning. Then, it was off to Sunday School and church. She made pork chops for dinner, then started on income tax. The Hinkles were pleasently surprised by a visit from Maurice and Marilyn Ham from Shadehill, South Dakota. That meant preparing an evening meal visiting until they left at around 8pm.
Mary was just getting started. at around 10:30 that night her heart was beating fast, slowing down and beating fast again. She was feeling, in her own words, "Not a bit good.". Harold took her to the Pierre Hospital where it was discovered that her pulse was 170, more than twice the normal rate for a person her age. She was held for observation, while Harold returned home, arriving there at 3:30am Monday.
Mary has been placed in a "Special Care Unit". She is allowed only one visitor at a time, and then only family. Mary's usual doctor Cindy Pochop is on vactation in Mexico. She will be in the hospital another night and have a stress test and an EKG Tuesday morning
In a statement made this morning, E.E. Hinkle had this to say, "Mary's the oldest one in her family. They have always depended on her. So have we. That's gonna have to change. We are all gonna have to do things for ourselves. She's gonna have to depend on us for a while"

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