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Saturday, February 22, 2003
VOL. II Issue 2K
At about 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Agnes Hahn was discharged from the hospital. Her daughter, Mary Hinkle, is taking her on the way home. Mary may have to live with her mother if Harold finds a replacement for her. As things are now, she's pretty safe.
As of February 17th,Pyra Labs, the company that owns and operates Blogger.com has been purchased by Google. The terms and conditions of the sale are not being made public at the present time. There are no plans to change Blogger's service to any of it's 1,000,000+ users, one of which is the Holabird Advocate. It is reported that once the transition takes place, service will only get better. Let's hope so.
Today, February 22 marks the 271st birthday of George Washington. Monday was the observance of his birthday by the government, but we at the Holabird Advocate don't work like the government.
The Hessian soldiers of fortune that fought against George Washington called him a "Yanker Dudel". It meant, loosely translated "shrewd woman harvester". The term, of course was meant as an insult. The redcoated Brittish made up a song ridiculing him further, and the rest of the patriots along with him. They changed Yanker to Yankee and misspelled Dudel. Most of the verses of this song are too ribald to print here. the cleanest one is as follows:
"Yankee Doodle went to town for to buy a firelock
We will tar and feather him
Just like we will John Hancock"
The patriots responded by making up their own verses. That is the Yankee Doodle that we sing today. Isn't it great that the President we honor with a holiday is the only one who could honestly say "I can not tell a lie"?

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