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Holabird Advocate

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003
VOL. II Issue 2F
Visibility was limited this morning at various locations around Holabird. A ground blizzard, whle not producing any new snow, produced winds that made travelling a little chancy. E.E. Hinkle sent his grandson, Jerry, on a trip to get the mail. The round trip of 5 miles took 38 minutes. As it happened, E.E. didn't get one piece of mail, but Mary's credit card bill arrived on time.
Harold and Mary Hinkle took Agnes Hahn to Huron to keep a doctor appointment. They left before the blizzard started and returned after it was over. She has to go back to the doctor again on Monday to check things over. Holabird Advocate Publisher Jerry Hinkle reports that her foot is doing much better.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
Once again South Dakota finds out too late just how twisted Bill Janklow was as Governor. Twenty-one years ago, during his second term, he signed into law a bill that sealed the pardons that the Governor gives out. as much as I'd like to, I can't hang this all on Janklow, however. There is plenty of blame to go around on this. It seems the South Dakota Legislators who passed this law back in 1982 should step up to the plate as well. Trouble is, nobody can remember that far back, and we don't know who they were. Obviously, the Holabird Advocate wasn't there to keep the politicians honest back then either.
I've been trying to look at this issue from the other side and can kind of see the point. After all, if a convict does his (or her) time, they deserve to keep the past in the past. What about the convict who recieves no pardon? That criminal record follows them wherever they go. An executive pardon from the Govenor that is sealed gives those convicts a leg up. Doesn't it? If I'm wrong, dear Readers, please inform me how this works. I can't lead the fight against ignorance if I'm wrong about this. Can't I? Of course, I need to be proven wrong first.

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