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Tuesday, February 04, 2003
VOL. II Issue 2C
This afternoon was quite an adventure for Brittany Hinkle. She was on the school bus and she fell asleep. The man who drove the bus was not the usual driver and so he went past her stop. This made her parents panic, as well it should. Calls to other parents let them know that she was indeed on the bus, while the phone on the bus was left unanswered. The school informed them that not only was the driver a substitute, but the bus was as well and was headed to Miller. A call to the Sheriff stopped the bus so Brit's father could pick her up. Someday her family will look back on that and laugh, but not today.
Vera (Hosbrook) Breider, of Pascoe, Washington, wrote to her cousin E.E. Hinkle to inform him of the death of her husband Joe Brieder. The cause of death was not revealed however he had been suffering from heptitis for several years.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
The California Assembly has yet again tried to inflict their left leaning agenda on the hard working taxpayers of their state. This time it's a law concerning the sale of a certain class of vehicle. The Assembly claim that they are not forcing anthing on the people, they are just making it illegal to sell a motorized vehicle that gets "low miles per gallon". The sponsor of the bill was a California public school teacher who believes this law will force the "Big 3" automakers to produce autos with better mileage. Apparently Ford And GM need this gal on their payroll as a designer or something now, doesn't it.
My beef with this is as follows: Our economic system is based on the old "Supply and Demand" principle. The California Assembly need to be reminded that the people that buy SUVs do so willingly. Nobody has been forced to by and SUV that I know of (If I'm wrong please tell me so). People in every state, not just California, demand SUVs it is up to the automakers to supply the people. That's free enterprise and it is the best system ever created.
I have a feeling that the 2004 elections may find a certain Assemblywoman struggling to make it on her teachers salary alone after this ill concieved plan blows up in her face, and on the rest of the Assembly that voted this law into being. I just hope this kind of backwords thinking doesn't catch on in South Dakota. We have enough trouble.
Of course, what can we expect from a state where it is still illegal to recite the Pledge of Allegience in school. Sometimes I think California gets what it deserves, but the people of California deserve better.

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