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Saturday, February 01, 2003
VOL. II Issue 2A
At approximately 8am Holabird time NASA lost communication with the space shuttle Columbia. It was homeward bound at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, when for reasons yet unknown, it turned into debris over north central Texas. All seven crew members are presumed to have perished. The flag at the Kennedy Space Center and other places in the nation, were lowered to half staff. Seven families are mourning, and all America and Isreal with them. The real sad part is that Lance Bass guy wasn't one of them.
The computer at the Holabird Advocate office was unable to get online until 2pm today. It is not known if there was a connection between the two events.
by Jerry Hinkle, Publisher
Well! What can can I say? It appears that Bravenet does not have web links. We can do without them, of course. I did manage to change the poll question so today was not a total loss.
When I turned on the Saturday Morning show on CBS, I honestly did not to come into the office todat, but W said in his address to the nation this afternoon that we have to get on with our lives. And do that we shall
To be honest, I'm quite embarrassed that my plans for the February 2003 issue could be tossed aside like this. I had planned on blasting the peaceniks and the California Assembly's decision to ban the sale of SUVs in that state . My heart just isn't in it today. Perhaps one bit of good to come of this disaster in Texas was to show us what's really important. The wars on terrorism and ignorance can wait while we take in what happened this morning. I'm sorry if you, the Readers, logged on to find something courageous, dynamic, and wonderful, and instead found this. It's only temporary I assure you.

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