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Wednesday, January 15, 2003
VOL. II Issue 1I
Katherine Zilverberg's 80th Birthday Open House has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 18th from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM at the Highmore Healthcare Center in Highmore, SD. It was originally supposed to be on January 4, but was postponed for health reasons. It was rumored that Katherine was going to be out of the hospital on Thursday. It appears the rumor is fact now.
The South Dakota farmers union has made Stephanie Herseth it's first executive director and attorney. Herseth's role will be to raise $2 million in the next few years while educating young people about how they can stay in the state. Her farm background and her experience as an educator and lawyer should prove valuble to her in this position.
Farmers Union President Dennis Wiese said the board of directors formed the foundation about 18 months ago, but hadn't put a lot of resources or staff time into it. Herseth will bring a mix of professional experience along with her agricultural background, generosity and personal warmth to the position, Wiese said.
The mission of the foundation is to work with young entrepreneurs on ways to remain in South Dakota through economic development and the potential with rural agriculture and communities.
"The foundation is another avenue where the mission of the Farmers Union can be carried forth," Herseth said. Along with building an endowment, her focus will be on scholarships and fields of interest like renewable energy, rural health and education and value-added agriculture. The challenge in the first year will be to establish policies for the foundation in raising money.A long-term goal is to be in a financial position to approve grant applications or low-interest loans for projects to revitalize main streets.
Farmers Union has had an interest in expanding its education programs, Wiese said. It hosts day, regional and state camps so children can learn the value of forming cooperatives.
Entities which traditionally have given money to the organization want to be assure their gifts won't interfere with the Farmers Union's political agenda, he said. "This was a desire to develop a separate foundation to seek funds," Wiese said. A lack of resources means Farmers Union needs an endowment to stay viable "There are certainly a lot of folks who are willing to support rural America and that's what we're about," he said.
Before she was offered the foundation position, she said she had been pursuing a private law practice and had talked with university officials about the possibility of an adjunct professorship."This was a wonderful opportunity for me to go in a different direction in the nonprofit world to work on those issues," she said.
Although the Farmers Union state office is in Huron, Herseth will live in Brookings. She said she will spend time in Huron working with people, but being close to South Dakota State University is important because she is committed to getting students involved.
Wiese said "Technology allows people to be everywhere," The foundation phone number is 1-605-692-3020. While it remains under construction, the Web site is www.sdfufoundation.org.
by Hiram Gonagan
Agnes Hahn is really enjoying the trip to Hawaii. She says she is feeling better every day. Agnes went to a luau at the Royal Hawaiian, where she had her picture taken with a male hula dancer (hot stuff).
Phyllis and Larry took her to the Don Ho show. They've also had pitures taken on the beach and standing in the ocean.
Harold and Mary Hinkle have been besieged with e-mails and phone calls asking them if they've left for Arizona yet. We can only assume they can't read since it was printed here several days ago that they are staying home.
One thing that those people were not told is that Harold and Mary have a chance to go to Las Vegas in early March as well as to Arizona. The one drawback to the plan is that they would have to go to a Celine Dion concert (bummer). At this point in time they are weighing their options.

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