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Monday, January 13, 2003
VOL. II Issue 1H
It was tempting to make the headline with a certain word beginning with the letter"J", but for obvious reasons we did not. We thought the Readers would panic that Janklow had come to shut us down. Such is not the case.
The case is that about 8 donkeys from the Thomas Ranch of Harrold got out and made their way to the Ponderosa. They were loaded up (which wasn't easy) and returned to the Thomas Ranch.
Troy Thomas of the Thomas Ranch said that they use the donkeys to break their show cattle to lead. They are stuborn enough that they insist on taking the lead. The donkeys were indeed stuborn. It was reported that they went into the Ponderosa's corral OK. They even went up the chute. Getting them into the trailer took a little bit of convincing.
Doug Hinkle and Noel Pothast of Pierre had a party celebrating the 1st birthday of their son Cade. Also celebrating a birthday was Jamie Pothast who turns 15 on Tuesday. Among the honored guests was Cade's great-Grandfather, E.E. Hinkle. Pictures were taken because it's not often that the oldest living Hinkle gets together with the youngest living Hinkle.
Brittany Hinkle entertained the congregation at the United Methodist Church in Highmore's Worship Service on Sunday. Brit sang 3 songs that she made up as she went along, much to the chagrin of her grandfather, Harold Hinkle, who was thoughly embarrassed by the whole thing. It' s not known if there will be a repeat performance. Brit doesn't know what she did wrong, and neither do a lot of other folks.

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