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Thursday, January 02, 2003
VOL. II Issue 1B
The man who is known as "A True South Dakotan" died in Scottsdale Arizona at the age of 87. Foss had suffered an aneurysm a few months ago and never recovered. He was a WWII flying ace, winning the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was elected and served as Governor of South Dakota from 1955-1959. After losing to George McGovern for South Dakota House of Representitives District 1, he became an AFL Comissioner. An avid hunter and fisherman, he guided many young men, Harold Hinkle of Holabird among them, to be a true sportsman.
Governor Janklow has ordered that all flags be flown at half-staff until Foss's funeral, which is pending. Foss had requested that he be buried at Arlington National Cemetary in Washington, D.C.
This morning, in the office of Holabird Advocate's courageous, dynamic Publisher, there was an e-mail from a local ranching corporation offering to be a corporatesponsor on the condition that it cost a maximum of $10/yr. In order for the Holabird Advocate to upgrade to Blogger Pro status it will cost $35/yr. with the possibility of $50/yr. down the road.
Judging from the poll response thus far, a corporate sponsor may not be neccessary. As it stands a clear majority see no need for such action. Of course we have until months end before we need to get in too deep. Most of the Readers seem not to want advertising on this Newsblog as evidenced in last month's Reader poll, where the daily cartoon and the "tell a friend" link were tied, but the third option of the classified ads had half of the votes of each of the other two.
This Afternoon while watching "Oprah" Mary Hinkle heard that the best way to lose weight is not to eat after 7pm. She has decreed that nobody shall eat a thing, not consume one single solitary calorie after that time. Of course, eating supper at her mothers house will be the first sacrifice. So will dinner parties such as the elegant Christmas party that Ed and Barbara Nemec throw every year. Her son, Jerry was heard to say "That's what you get for watching 'Oprah'. I guess she does know how to lose weight, though. She's done it 1000 times".
As odd as the plan sounds, it's not the oddest. Jerry Hinkle once tried the diet of eating all you want, but doing so in front of a mirror in the nude. That's why he's not allowed in or around the Steak and Buffet resturaunt located at Aberdeen.

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