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Friday, January 31, 2003
VOL. II Issue 1Q
In the winter of a person's life they usually just sit in their chair look out the window and wait for got to call them home. In that way E.E. Hinkle is not usual. He was the special guest of Brittany Hinkle, a kindergarten student at Highmore Elementry.
He wasn't sure he wanted to go, because he didn't know if he could "learn" those kids anything. After Brit introduced him to the class, they started asking questions. Things like "How did you go to school?", "How far did you live from school?", "What did you do for fun?" and other things along that order. The old boy got a round of applause when he was asked, "How can we live as long as you?", and he replied, "Don't smoke or drink". He talked to the kids so much that they had to be cut him off for pictures. He said he could have talked longer.
At dinnertime, Darrel Hinkle took his grandfather to the Senior Center and ate dinner with him there. Then, Darrel was called away to help Jim Hoffman on the new elevator, so Kristi took E.E.to Vlcek's Food Center and got him home.
Jerry was waiting for him after taking a well deserved nap (E.E. got him out of bed at 7am and had him up and running until 10). At that point it was E.E.'s turn to have a nap. He had his 3 o'clock lunch at 4:30 that afternoon.
by Hiram Gonagan
Harold and Mary Hinkle had a long day, getting to Sioux Falls and back for the funeral service of Mavis Ehlers. Memorable to them was that Mavis was buried with a jar of pickles and a jar of jelly. While going to the interment the South Dakota Highway Patrol lead them to the wrong cemetary.
Leanne Hoffman was introduced to Larry Ehers's unmarried nephew that works at the Olive Garden resturant in Sioux Falls. She claims she'll never go to that resturant for fear of the embarrassment of meeting him. Noel Pothast suggested Harold and Mary check out Larry's divorced niece as a prospect for Jerry, but they didn't think such a thing would work.
A shopping excursion was cancelled when the weather tuned foggy around 4pm. And so they beat it for home. They must not have had supper on the road because Mary was caught eating after 7pm. (Oh my!! What would Oprah say!?)
by Jerry Hinkle, Publisher
Tomorrow at around 12 noon will be the start of our 14th issue here at the Holabird Advocate. Our February poll Question will be, "How should America handle the Saddam/Iraq situation?".That should be interesting. As for this months poll, looks like we won't need a sponsor anytime soon.
I will also experiment with web links so that if you, the Reader, want to check out the latest web rumor at snopes.com, or get an answer to that burning question at straightdope.com, it's only a mouse click away. There may be other web links added when neccessary.
I have not heard one complaint about the new additions to our newsblog. The readership has really grown since the announcer link was put in. I have, on occasion, checked out Randy Glasbergen's Daily Cartoon. If anyone enjoys it please feel free to let me know. I'd hate to have it if nobody enjoys it.

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