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Monday, January 27, 2003
VOL. II Issue 1O
Like a sad, sad country song goes the life of the cowboys of the Ponderosa. In this case it would be Clint Black singing "It sure is Monday". Darrel Hinkle, as you may know, is away. That left Harold and Jerry to feed the cows. when Jerry was operating the jack on the feeder wagon, the blasted thing came off and was dangerously close to his right foot.
On the way home they noticed that a set of fresh tire tracks went into the old Zilverberg place. They went over to investigate, but found no evidence of criminal activity. They will be keeping a close eye on that in the future.
While they were gone the cows got out on them at the home ranch and started milling around the trees. After they got back, the were chasing them out and fixing the electric fence. They were an hour late for dinner. But as Clint would sing, "It's all over now, and it sure is Monday"
As part of the 100th day of school this Thursday, the kindergarten glass at Highmore Elementry may get to see a real live 100 year old man. Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lamont has asked Brittany Hinkle to invite her great-grandfather, Holabird centenarian, E.E. Hinkle to be an honored guest of the glass. No word yet on if the old boy has or will accept the invitation.
by Publisher Jerry Hinkle
2002, the first year of the Holabird Advocate saw many events in the Holabird area, the state of South Dakota, the country and the world. When I started blogging on January 1st of that year, I was a little curious to see if it could work. Several friends and relatives of mine were very supportive in this undertaking. I was not sure that the world would embrace this "Internet Newspaper" as I called it. One year and some odd days later we recorded our 700th user on the Circulation counter. We've changed what needed changing, but the rest has stayed the same.
My "War on Ignorance" started out as just my way of poking fun at W's "War on Terrorism". Both of these wars can not be won without some kind of divine assistance. Both of these wars are still being fought. One little battle I am particularly proud of winning was against Walt Disney ad. This ad showed actors playing the part of Walt Disney's parents as they lovingly embraced as they watched little Walt sleeping. They marvelled at his imagination and wondered, "What is he dreaming of now?". It's a nice thought but in reality, Disney's father was a cold, stern man who didn't like laughter in his house. I wrote about it in this newsblog and never saw the ad again. How's that for power, huh? I'm sure there was more to it than that, but you never know.
One other thing that I'm proud of is exposing Miss Cleo, the psychic, as a fraud before the mainstream media got around to it. She is not in business anymore, We still are.
Grandad's 100th birthday (or as I called it, Y1C) was another highlight of the year that I shared with the Holabird Advocate Readers. He has become an inspiration to them, just as he has to me. It was also here that we covered his illnesses, two hospital stays, and his recovery. He was also the subject of our first, and in my opinion, best top 10 list. You and I, Dear Readers, could do worse than to follow the example he has set forth.
The Holabird Advocate endorsed the candidacy of Ms. Stephanie Herseth for South Dakota's lone U.S. House of Representitives seat. it too started out as a joke as I poked fun at her campaign ads because she looked real good in those form fitting sweaters, but in time I saw that she was the one to watch in this election, for more than just her physical attributes. She was not successful in that election, but she's still a winner to me. The Lord indeed has something wonderful planned for Ms. Herseth.
Thanks to Blogger.com, who provide this service free, I have been able to pursue the dream of bringing Holabird to the world. Also thankls to Bravenet.com, who has also provided me with free tools such as the Circulation counter, the mini poll, The FAQ module, the daily cartoon, and the Announcer link. the latter addition has really brought more Readers to us. Now it's up to me to keep them.
Lastly was our selection of Susan Marie Hansen Geitzenauer as our "Person of the Year" in December. She is also one of life's winners. Like Grandad, Ms. Herseth, Blogger, and Bravenet, Susan has also inspired me to try and become a better person, providing that such a thing is possible.
I hope that you the Reader enjoyed this endeavor. I may make another "State of the Newsblog Address" next year if it meets with your approval. I may be the courageous, dynamic Publisher, but without you the Readers, I'd be just another guy on the internet. Ladies and Gentlemen the state of our newsblog is growing. You and I have done this together.I named this newsblog "Holabird Advocate" because that was Holabird's newspaper back in the beggining circa 1882. We haven't brought the good old days back when Holabird had a population about 500 but more people are reading this than ever lived in Holabird. That said, I hope that you feel about Holabird the way I do. It's what brought us together. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the Holabird Advocate.

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