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Friday, October 04, 2002
VOL. I Issue 10B
All good things come to an end, and so it goes with this week in which Holabird's own Brittany Hinkle was Kindergarten VIP. She has really been milking it, as most of us would, for all it's worth. All this week, pictures of her and her family were displayed, along with some of her favorite things. Brit was able to have a guest in school for lunch for one day. She chose her great-aunt, Bonnie Nickleson, to be that guest.
She was also able to have her grandmother Mary Hinkle to come into the school to talk about her trip to Austrailia. It was originally planned to have her grandpa Harold Hinkle too but he stayed behind to guide antelop hunters on the Ponderosa.
It has indeed been a gala week for Brittany Hinkle. Next week it's back to just plain Brittany Hinkle.
"Wall Steet Journal" columnist Al Hunt wrote an article about the campaign for South Dakota's U.S. House seat. He calls Stephanie Herseth "Aguably the best first-time candidate in America". He also states that South Dakota is where the action is for Camaign 2002.
"The polictical heartbeat of America is sparsly populated South Dakota. It feature one of the only several dozen hotly competitive House Races pitting the four time Govenor Bill Janklow against 31 year-old Stephanie Herseth"
"The legendary Bill Janklow may have more than met his match. Ms. Herseth, Whose grandfather was one of state's four Democratic govenors, is remarkebly articulate and energetic, a natural.' Stephanie is now greeted like a rock star,' observes David Kranz, the respected veteran political reporter of the 'Argus Leader' . The Herseth Janklow contest has been civil".
Ms Herseth has called her campaign "an extended job interview" according to Donna Smith of the "Black Hills Pioneer". She has raised the issue of Medicare reimbersments and the declining farm population throughout the state. Herseth would also like to see small business groups get insurance at rates similar to larger groups. The Holabird Advocate and its Publisher has formally endorse Ms. Herseth for this election.

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