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Saturday, September 28, 2002
VOL. I Issue 9P
Production of Barbara Nemec's "A Good Land" has been postponed until sometime next August. Ms. Nemec explains that the Auditorium will be performing maintaince on the wood floor during the hiatus between the football/volleyball and basketball seasons. It is hoped that the cast and crew will be a year wiser along with being a year older and can get it together then. The play, when it is performed, will be a fundraiser for the Hyde County Historical and Genalogical Soceity.
The latest scientific poll concerning the race for south Dakota's lone U.S. House seat shows outgoing Govenor Bill Janklow With a slight lead over challenger Stephanie Herseth. Janklow recieved 47% of the vote to Herseth's 40%. The Libertarian Party's candidate, whose name we think is Larry-Something, has 1% of the vote. Both the Janklow and Herseth factions are guardedly optomistic about the chances of their campaign, saying that the only poll that maters is the vote on Nov. 5th. If that Larry guy had a comment nobody got it from him. If you are reading this Larry (hope we got your name right) and would like to make a comment get in touch through out FAQ module at the bottom of the page. The Holabird Advocate and it's Publisher have formally endorsed Stephanie Herseth in this race, but we will welcome other points of view no matter how ignorant.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
In a Whie House ceromony, W awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom To Fred McFeely "Mister" Rogers. Mr. Rogers had entertained and educated many children of all ages with his television show, "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" from 1968-2001. Shortly after retiring he came out of retirement to appear on TV after Sept. 11th in order to help children and adults alike cope with the crisis that gripped out country. His life has been a wonderful example. Indeed, he is the personification of a good neighbor. Whether it was something silly like assuring children through song that they can never go down the drain in the bathtub or more importantly telling these same young people that " I like you just the way you are", he was there. Have you, the Reader, been a good neighbor lately? I hope so. More importantly I hope that I have been a good neighbor to you, and I further hope that the Holabird Advocate has been a good neighborhood newsblog.

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