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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Publisher's Birthday Party Full of Surprises

     Harold and Mary Hinkle still have a surprise or two up their sleeves They arrived in Beautiful Downtown Mitchell around 11:30 in the morning, meeting Jerry Hinkle at the parking lot of the Mitchell Public Library, which is the current home office of the Holabird Advocate. Harold then set about rotating the tires of Jerry's car.
     After the rotating was done, They took Jerry to Walgreen's to show him the bargain price the store had for milk. Problem was, that when they got there, it was discovered that the milk was no bargain, in fact it was 50 cents more than the milk at Buche Foods. No milk was bought that morning, but they did meet the guy who rent's Agnes Hahn's old house.
     Ken And Jo Hansen joined the Hinkle's at the Depot a little later than the prearranged 1 pm time, but better late than never. Jo presented Jerry with a dozen chocolate pecan brownies, and the group started to remember the first, and last, time they were all together at the Depot. Eventually the server brought over everyone's respective vittles, and they started to eat. After the dinner was over, Mary surprised Jerry with a Chocolate cake with Chocolate frosting. His 46th birthday would not have been quite as festive had she not have done that.
The last surprise came at the time Jerry drove home later that evening when the "check tire pressure" warning came on. Jerry reset the computer to make sure though, and it hasn't happened since.

Downsizing at the Holabird Advocate

In this economy, we all have to cut something. So Effective Aug 1, we are going to put the Holabird Advocate Blogger site, the site you are reading now into mothballs. We might have a Special Report now and then as events warrant, but as is happens so often our Publisher is experiencing burnout. Those of you who are regular Readers know this, and it isn't fair to allow you to expect the usual quality of writing when it clearly isn't going to happen. We will be concentrating on our Facebook site for the present time. This site has been a labor of love for all of us here at the Holabird Advocate, and as such will never go away completely. If you have not "liked" our page on Facebook, we encourage you to do so. Sometimes when times change we have to change with them, and hope for better days. Thanks to all of you Readers in advance for past 11+ years of fun. It's not over yet, just moving to a new location!

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